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Beginner Chess Tactics for Kids
99-Puzzle Chess Tactics Workbook

Beginner Chess Tactics for Kids is a workbook that contains 99 one-move tactics puzzles (no checkmates) for kids with a playing level around 1000 or less.

The first chapter contains 33 puzzles where the player is asked to find the hanging piece in each example. The chapter on hanging pieces covers all types of hanging pieces including; those that are completely unprotected, to those where the piece can be captured because the defending piece is pinned, as well as those where the number of attackers exceeds the number of defenders.

Chapter two contains 33 chess puzzles where the player is asked to find the fork that attacks two pieces.

Chapter three contains 33 chess puzzles where the player is asked to find the pin that creates a winning position.

Many chess puzzle books ask the reader to solve all the puzzles from the perspective of the white pieces. But that's not realistic. In Beginner Chess Tactics for Kids, the reader will be asked to solve puzzles from the vantage point of the black pieces as well.


Click here to see sample puzzles from the book.


"I highly recommend Beginner Chess Tactics for Kids. It motivates young players to improve their board vision while they have fun coloring."

Carlos Perdomo
International master, chess coach and founder of Chess Atlanta.
Carlos is a three-time Georgia state chess champion and a
former Georgia blitz chess champion. He also represented
Columbia in two Chess Olympiads.

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99 one-move chess tactics puzzles covering hanging pieces, forks and pins.

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