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Rules Every Chess Player Needs to Know! Colorable Flash Cards
Your first step to becoming a complete chess player

Flash cards with 20 unique designs and 40 question and answer sets that cover many of the most common U.S. Chess Federation tournament rules.

Rules Every Chess Player Needs to Know! colorable chess flash cards Rules Every Chess Player Needs to Know! chess flash cards Rules Every Chess Player Needs to Know! chess flash cards

Actual size 4 1/2" x 7"

Click here to see a few examples of cards that have been colored.

The questions are on the front and repeated on the back with the answer so the cards can be used with one or two people. Don't lose games because you're unfamiliar with the rules!

"These flash cards fill an essential void for chess players, young and old alike. To learn the game completely, one must also learn the rules. These cards allow them to do that in a fun-filled way. They're the highlight of my chess program. I highly recommend them!"

Lawyer Times
Massachusetts State Chess Champion and chess coach


The following chess professionals have generously provided their time to review the questions and answers to confirm their compliance with U.S.C.F. rules.

Boyd Reed
National Tournament Director and
Assistant Director of Events for the U.S. Chess Federation

Korey Kormick
National Tournament Director

Tim Just
National Tournament Director, FIDE National Arbiter and Chief Editor of the
U.S. Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess, 5th-7th editions.

Ken Ballou
National Tournament Director, FIDE International Arbiter and U.S. Chess Federation

Rules Committee Chairperson

Dr. Alex Davidovic
International Master and chess trainer who has represented Australia in two Chess Olypiads

Jean Troendle
Tournament Director and Organizer, and Owner of Chess in Education

Matthew Horton
Tournament Director and Chess Coach



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40 common U.S. Chess Federation tournament rules every chess player needs to know.

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